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SEO Consultants are a crock

Why? Because Today there is a major structural change in the US in how consumers choose to spend money where 80% of consumer spending decisions are based on peer recommendations and only 14% are based on advertising. Building community through engagement marketing is a better method to obtain results. It is well-known that you can no longer pay someone for SEO consulting today because Google changes its algorithms 200 to 500 times per year because they do not want their "customer"the person Read more [...]
Wild Social Media is now WBE and ESB certified! YAY!

Wild Social Media is now WBE and ESB certified! YAY!

Well it finally happened, at long last! I got my WBE certification, that means Woman Owned Business certification! That is me doing the happy dance in the picture! :) What is it like to get your woman owned business certification? It’s hard. Really hard. There are tons of documents that you have to upload, plus you need to have your NAICS codes in order, citizenship documentation, etc. Now I can apply for government contracts and get more interest because of my WBE status! Read more [...]

Does social media create more awareness of diversity? Interview with Michael Rabby

Does social media create more awareness of diversity? Interview with Michael Rabby

Today I’m interviewing Michael Rabby. Michael Rabby teaches digital media at WSU Vancouver and did his PhD thesis on online relationships. His Master’s work was based on social media and diversity, and he’s publishing some research this year that deals with how people care about the news based on their proximity to it! He’s got a lot going on, and I’d love to hear his thoughts on how social media can be best taught, diversity, and what makes people care about the news online. [raw] [/raw] 1.) Read more [...]

Join us at YESpdx womens entrepreneurship Meetup this wednesday, May 21st!

Are you in the Portland Oregon area? What are you doing Wednesday night? Want to come out and learn more about how to get people to buy from your business? This month with our YESPDX Women’s Entrepreneurship group meetup, we’ll be talking about how to get a sense of who your customers are, aka defining your target market. Want to learn how to get people to buy from your small business? First, focus on their pain. We’ll talk about how to find your customer with laser focus and talk Read more [...]

The 8 Characteristics of a successful business: Does your business have them?

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Thanks for having me, WSBDC! :)

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Join us at YESPDX Women’s Entrepreneurship Meetup April 23rd at 6pm

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This was super fun

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Thanks for coming out to the Urban Summit!

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10 steps for marketing your women’s small business

Are you starting your first business? Are you wondering how to market it? Here are 10 steps that will help you get started making your new business shine! Step 1: Describe your ideal customer. If you’re a sys admin, is it a big corporation that needs server support? if you’re a civil engineer, are you looking for residential clients working with a construction company to remodel their house? Or are you looking for commercial clients? Step 2: Figure out their pain points. What Read more [...]