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Would you like to learn how to get more attention for your business or your cause?

How about how to get more Twitter followers, FAST?

The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media will teach you how to market yourself or your business online. Two years in the making, this 200+ page book goes into detail on how to get tons more attention for your business or cause.

It’s about how to arrange your website for maximum engagement with your donors or customers. It’s about how to create the best newsletter. It’s about Twitter. Linkedin, how to build metrics, a listening dashboard, and MORE!

If you want to learn:

  • How to get sales and donations from all over the world,
  • How to stay private online and in social media,
  • How to get 31,000 monthly readers,
  • How to get 3K Twitter followers and
  • How to get over 3K new email subscribers
  • How to get an open-rate of 40% or better on your emails
  • How to use RSS feeds for keeping track of what’s going on in your niche,

Then you will dig this book.

This is the book where I show you exactly how to get massive amounts of attention for your cause or for yourself.

If you want to learn how to get more money from people online, you need this book. It will teach you how to have the radical success I have had in just two short years!

Yeah, it’s not overnight. Overnight is crazy talk.

But it IS possible to start from nothing, like I did, and work hard and become successful.

Oh, plus?

This book includes TONS OF WORKSHEETS and diagrams to help you apply what you learn, INSTANTLY!

If you liked my first book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, you will totally love this because it has more stories, 30 day action plans, everything you need to follow the steps and get more and more attention for what you do, whether you’re a small business or a nonprofit.

What are people saying?

I *finally* cracked open WWGTSM last night & read through 6 chapters! I had to tell m’self it was time to go to bed & I could finish ruminatin’ later. Loved the writing – really clear, very focused & digestible. LOVE the pieces that I could take away w/o feelin’ overwhelmed.

I plan to tackle a couple of the action items at the end of the week, when things are calmer. Thanks SO much for writin’ the book AND fillin’ it with bucket-loads of worksheets. Holy cow! -Paula Small, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Small Stepping Stones Small business bookkeeping.



$49.97 for Physical book, plus shipping.


Ebook Price: $49.97



Table of Contents

Why Wild? vi
About Mazarine Treyz vii
Preface: Their Rules and How We’re Gonna Break ‘Em ix
Chapter 1: When the unthinkable happens 1
Chapter 2: The Obstacles, or Why people are not aware of the echo chamber 4
Chapter 3: Why You’ll Get Stuck 9
And What To Do About It 12
Chapter 4: Staying Private Online 16
Chapter 5: Don’t drink the unicorns 20
Chapter 6: Decide who to be online & who to reach 25
Chapter 6.1: What are Keywords? 29
Chapter 6.2: Keywords and Search Engine Optimization 33
Chapter 7: Start to Listen to Your Customers 36
Chapter 8: Tools You Need to Build a Community of Buyers 41
Chapter 8.1: Converting Visits to Sales, Step by Step 43
Chapter 8.2: The gold is in your list, AKA e-newsletters 49
Chapter 8.3: Your Blogging Roadmap 63
Chapter 8.4: LinkedIn = Fabulous for your Reputation 74
Chapter 8.5: Tweet your way to the Top 88
Chapter 8.6: Gonna be okay, just comment (and dance) 103
Chapter 9: Communicating Results – Which Metrics Matter? 112
Chapter 10: Finding Time To Do It All in 15 Minutes a Day 123
Chapter 11: Shut Your Facebook! Turning OFF 126
Chapter 12: Where next? 131
Chapter 13: A 30 Day Plan for Building Community – If you have no time to read the rest of the book, this chapter is for you. 135
Why Should We Use Social Media? 137
Epilogue 140
Selected Bibliography 141
The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media Workbook 148
Your Keywords Worksheet 151
Your Competition Worksheet 152
Who You Are Worksheet 153
Who To Write For Worksheet 154
What Your Audience Wants Worksheet 156
What To Write About Worksheet 158
Possible Blog Post Topics Checklist 159
Interviews Worksheet 161
30 Day Checklist for Getting your Web Presence from Zero to 60 162
Essential WordPress Plugins Checklist 166
30 Day Plan for Dominating LinkedIn Checklist 168
30 Day Plan for Dominating Twitter Checklist 174
Commenting Worksheet 179
How Do you Automate Your Processes? 181
What if you only have 15 minutes a day? 183
30 Day Plan for Driving a LOT more Traffic to Your Website Checklist 184
Advanced Social Media Workflow: What to do daily, weekly & monthly 189
Track Your Progress with Metrics 190
LinkedIn Metrics Worksheet 191
Twitter Metrics Worksheet 193
Website Metrics Worksheet 195
Misc Metrics Worksheet 197
Sales Metrics Worksheet 199
Tool rankings 201
Be More Anonymous Online Worksheets 204
End Note 208



Ebook and Physical Book Now Available. $49.97 for Physical book, plus shipping.




Ebook Price: $49.97