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Ding Dong Google Plus is dead

Well, I said it back in 2012, in The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media. Nobody cares about Google Plus. Your followers are not making buying decisions on there.

google plus

Surprise surprise, Google is deleting Google Plus, but they’re keeping Google hangouts, which seems to be the only part of Google Plus that people liked, possibly because it was an alternative to Skype. Personally, I always had a hard time getting Google hangouts to work. When people told me they were going to “Do a webinar via google hangouts” I always said, “Good luck!” And every time, they shared with me how difficult it was, how the technology couldn’t handle more than a few people at a time.

If you invested a lot of time in Google Plus, maybe you should rethink your time investment in Google products.

You see, Google does this a lot. They gave us, and then took away, Google Wave, iGoogle, a feedreader, and other products. Remember Google Glass? Yeah, that didn’t catch on either.

Google started out as a search engine, and quickly became popular. Their main business model is selling advertising on Google.com, and other properties they’ve acquired, like Youtube. I personally have never had success with Google advertising.

They started a free mail service as well, and of course, a lot of people use it. But they use it and they don’t think about what they could be giving up, in terms of privacy. When you’re logged into your Gmail, you’re sharing every activity, the contents of every email, with Google, so they can craft advertisements directly to your latest breakup or dinner plans. It’s frightening.

Google is huge, and they are constantly looking for new, innovative things to do. In a way, that’s good, but in another way, it makes a lot of flops. The Google self driving cars have had a lot of crashes. I would not get in one.

If you value privacy, and if you value a service that will probably be around in 5 years, don’t use Google. I would highly recommend that you avoid all google products. They have, unfortunately, become evil. So, what do you use instead?

Replace your Google products with these:

Email: Use Yahoo. Or Mail.Riseup.net. Or Thunderbird.

Search Engine: Duckduckgo.com.

Browser: Do not use Chrome. Use Incognito browser. Use Firefox.

Music videos: No youtube. Try vimeo instead. Or, try logging out of every google account you have before using it. Or make a fake account.

Hangouts: Don’t use Google hangouts. Use meet.jit.si. Easy, fun, reliable, and totally private.

Google Driverless Car: I doubt this will come up in your daily life, but if it does, just bike. Take the bus or subway. Or drive your own car. They’ll probably sunset the self driving car in the next couple years anyway.

Bottom line: GooglePlus: Don’t worry about this. There was never any point to it.

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